What does the Western States Gypsy Club Have to offer?

Colorado Gypsy Fest – Gypsy, Draft, & Drum Horse Show and Exposition

Where: Montrose County Event Center & Fair Grounds, Montrose, Colorado

When: Horse Show on September 2-4, 2022 8am-6pm and Expo on September 3rd starting at 5:30 pm.

Cost: The whole weekend is free for the public to enjoy! 

 Join us for the largest and longest running Gypsy Horse Show in Colorado. The horse show consists of competition in: halter, driving, and English and western riding spanning three days. On Saturday night, the Gypsy, Drum, and Draft Expo will begin at 5:30 PM. The expo showcases the versatility of these three amazing breeds in hand, under saddle, and in cart! There will even be a few jackpot classes to round out the evening.  

 What makes the Gypsy Horse special?  Glad you asked!  This is a small draft breed – often the height of the average quarter horse (14-15 hands).  They are known for their flowing manes and tails, as well as for their feathered feet (like you see on the Clydesdales).  Originally bred to pull the wagons and vardos of the Traveling People of the British Isles, they are very versatile and excel in many disciplines, such as dressage, jumping, western, trail, and even working cattle!  Form and function at it’s finest.

  • Fun and Camaraderie – The WSGH Club is looking to offer a friendly, family fun atmosphere to the Western US Gypsy Horse owners and enthusiasts. If you love the breed join our club and share with us!
  • Performance award program –The WSGH Club will provide awards and prizes for member earning points in specified shows. See Program, Performance Awards for details
  • Youth Spotlight – The WSGH Club believes the youth are the future of our sport and the breed. We will be spotlight youth members throughout the year.
  • Driving Sponsor Rated Shows In 2022 –  the WSGH Club will be the primary sponsor for a GVHS points qualify show Colorado Gypsy fest, Utah Gypsy Fest, Nevada Gypsy Fest 

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