What does the Western States Gypsy Club Have to offer?

  • Fun and Camaraderie – The WSGH Club is looking to offer a friendly, family fun atmosphere to the Western US Gypsy Horse owners and enthusiasts. If you love the breed join our club and share with us!
  • The WSGH Club will provide awards and prizes for member showing in our Gypsy Fest Show series
  • Youth Spotlight – The WSGH Club believes the youth are the future of our sport and the breed. We will be spotlight youth members throughout the year.
  • Driving Sponsor Rated Shows In 2023 –  the WSGH Club will be the primary sponsor for a GVHS points qualify show CO Gypsy Fest, Utah Gypsy Fest, Nevada Gypsy Fest 

Big Thanks to Our Sponsors Lining up for 2023!