Our Mission

To provide the Western United States a venue to bring together Gypsy Horse owners, breeders, trainers, and enthusiasts to promote the Gypsy Horse Breed, to support Gypsy Horse owners, as well as educate and entertain the interested public regarding the beauty and capabilities of the breed.

The Western States Gypsy Horse Club is an organization of families and individuals desiring to promote  Gypsy horse related activities for both its members and the community through service, recreational, social and educational activities.

Additionally, the Western States Gypsy Horse Club goals are:

  • Promote and champion the qualities of the Gypsy Horse (temperament, bone, feather, performance)

  • Open membership to all members Gypsy Horses and Gypsy horse enthusiast residing throughout the United States.

  • Promote Gypsy Horse competition by participating and promoting  events, activities and opportunities for competitors and volunteers within the Western United States.

  • To protect the Gypsy Horse lifestyle in the Western States and promote responsible horse ownership and care.

  • To build breed recognition through participation Horse events that are open to all breed.

  • To encourage and promote Gypsy Horse related events of the Western United States.

  • To promote fun, club-oriented Gypsy Horse activities in the Western United States in the formation of a social club.

  • To provide an environment for Gypsy Horse enthusiasts and their families to enjoy the outdoors as well as quality equestrian events including but not limited to horse shows, gymkhanas, trail rides and social events for non-horse owners.