WSGHC Virtual Show Information

2023 Update coming soon!


Registration is required for all exhibitors; please include all classes you plan on entering. One Horse/Rider per form is required, as this is how points are calculated. Halter & performance feedback from our fantastic Judges will be available for an optional fee and can be requested upon registration. A post with all back numbers will be located in the Ready Set Show group. Please join the group for all communication and video uploads

For Gypsy entries, please submit a copy of your digital copy/photo of your registration papers to   This allows us to verify the age of your horse to ensure correct class entries.

Patterns will be posted on the on the WSGHC Ready Set Show Facebook group the night before the virtual show opens.

Fees: Fees cover the cost of the Judge, High Point Rosettes and Shipping. All feedback money goes directly to the judge.

$10 for each class
Optional Judges feedback : $25 for all classes feedback or $5 per individual class.

Upon the closing of the show month you will receive an email requesting PayPal money from WSGHC. This will be the fees based off the videos you upload.  Entries must be paid within 72 hours of entry closing or the entry will be removed and will not be judged. It is your responsibility to make sure payment has been received.

Videos must be stamped between the designed show window No registrations or video submissions will be accepted after 9 PM on last date of the show window. As soon as all participants have paid the judges will commence judging. Results will be posted on the WSGHC Ready Set Show Facebook group as divisions are completed.

PayPal must be made using the Friends/Family option. Your entry fees will be refunded and your entry will not be eligible until proper payment is received. No refunds for classes prepaid but not uploaded by deadline.




High Point and Reserve High Point Rosettes for: 
    Gypsy Open Halter Stallions
    Gypsy Open Halter Mares
    Gypsy Open Halter Gelding
    Gypsy Halter Supreme
    All Breed Halter Grand Champion


Performance Classes will be combined Gypsy and All Breed

   Open WT/WJ
   Open WTC/WJL
   Amateur WT/WJ
   Amateur WJL



Divisions are OPEN, ADULT AMATUER, with YOUTH  

An Open class is open to all horses of any age or sex, regardless of previous awards received. There is no qualification for the rider, driver or handler except as specified in division rules for the particular category or level of classes. 

Amateur is an individual that has reached his/her 18th birthday as of January 1st of the current competition year. An amateur is an amateur regardless of one’s equestrian skills and/or accomplishments. An Amateur exhibitor does not receive monies/reimbursement for any type of horse training in any breed or discipline. 

Youth is an individual who has not reached his/her 18th birthday as of January 1st of the current competition year. A Youth exhibitor may NOT show a stallion in hand, or under saddle. Helmets are required for all youth classes.





Video Upload Instructions:

Videos must be time stamped during the show month either by timestamp on video or saying the date in the video. The Videos must be uploaded to YouTube as “unlisted” or “public” and the link posted to Facebook Class Album by 9 PM MST on the last day of the month.


Name your video as follows:  Rider Name    Rider#     Class #

Example 1:  Marilyn Monroe   #367  Class#7 

Example 2:  Marilyn Monroe  #367  Class #7 and Class #59  (submitting same video for multiple classes)


Videos on Facebook: On the show Facebook page look for Albums at the top.  There will be an album for each Division.  Each class will have a “photo” – add a comment to that photo with your video link and video name. Video used for multiple classes as in example 2 must be posted in both to be counted. Videos posted to the wrong class will not be judged.  You are responsible for correctly posting your videos.


Any Youth exhibitor, while riding a horse is required to wear an equestrian safety helmet that is ATSM/SEI approved. Youth must also wear an ATSM/SEI helmet while driving or serving as driving groom.  All exhibitors while riding in any English class must wear an ATSM/SEI helmet. 

All horses shown in a bosal/snaffle bit will be considered “legal” despite age, as long as the bit/bosal is used correctly and in accordance with the rules of the organizations posted below.

Gypsy classes will follow: Gypsy Vanner Horse Society

All Breed classes will follow: Pinto Horse Association of America


March is a winter show bathing not required. Horses may be shown in mane and tail bags or tied up for this March show only/

May and October Virtual Shows – Proper Grooming is expected for your horse.

All Riders must show in appropriate show attire for the class entered. Western Hat or helmet,
long sleeve shirt or jacket, and boots. Turn out should be neat and clean.


For the Ready Set Show Virtual show highpoint will be calculated per back number and not per individual horse. 

The same Horse/Rider combination cannot show in both walk/trot and walk/trot/canter in the same division (English/Western).  However, the same Horse/Rider combination can show walk/trot in the English division and walk/jog/lope in the western division, or vice versa.

Only one Video will be accepted per horse per class. A horse cannot compete in the same class with different handlers/riders, nor can a handler/rider be in the same class with two different horses.

Exhibitors can ride a different horse in the WT/WJ and the WTC/WJL classes. There is a one rider/horse combo allowed per class. So, if you have 2 horses you cannot ride them both in the same class.

Exhibitors can only show/handle/drive one horse per class with the exception on the RANCH RIDING CLASS.  EXHIBITOR CAN SHOW MULTIPLE HORSES IN THE RANCH RIDING, as they would be able to at a normal horse show


Rail Classes:

For each of the respective rail riding classes, the judge would like to see 15-30 seconds at each gait in each direction, plus a halt with back at the end.  The back can occur either at the center of the ring at conclusion or on the rail.  The rider can choose which option, but not including this aspect will count as a refusal of the gait. The preferred video angle is from the center of the ring following the rider. 

English and Western Pleasure calls in order:  walk, trot/jog, extended trot/jog, canter/lope, walk, reverse, walk, trot/jog, extended trot/jog, canter/lope, walk, stop, backup

Ranch Pleasure calls in order:  walk, extended jog, lope, jog, walk, reverse, walk, extended jog, lope, jog, stop, backup

Pleasure Driving:

The judge would like to see a walk, working trot, pleasure trot, and strong trot both directions with a reverse on the diagonal and a stop and back at the end. The preferred video angle is from the center of the ring following the driver. 

Please film the class from the appropriate spot marked on the pattern. Judge will disqualify and/or penalize exhibitors for not following all rules and instructions and/or not performing the posted pattern.

The camera should be in the position of the J on the pattern.  Exhibitors need to set their horse up and have the judge (camera) walk around the animal for inspection.

The judge would like to see the horse walk towards the camera, away from the camera and show a trot and inspection of walking around the animal. Please pause for 3-5 seconds on each of the 4 sides. No set pattern is required for halter classes.